The Latest Arc Of ‘Spider-Verse Unlimited’ Now Available On Marvel Unlimited

by Brendan M. Allen

Today, an all-new Spider-Hero story kicks off in Spider-Verse Unlimited Infinity Comic #15. The first issue in the six story arc is now available on Marvel Unlimited in the exclusive Infinity Comics format.

‘Miles Morales was excited to attend Einstein College’s program for gifted high schoolers. But now his new friends have glowing eyes and are hunting him like prey, and his old friend Ms. Marvel has become his enemy. Can this day get any worse?’ 

On writing the new story arc, creator J. Holtham says, “I love Miles because Miles is, well, me. I was an awkward Black kid, originally from Brooklyn, living in New Jersey and desperately wishing I had super-powers. Writing for Miles is a real full circle moment for me. I love his determination, his optimism, his big heart. That’s what makes it fun.

“As for the school-life balance Miles is trying to maintain, With both of these story arcs, we’re exploring exactly that: How does Miles balance his hero life with his academic ambitions? Which one is more important? Which one defines who he really is? Being a teenager is such a time of change and development, and when you add battling Super Villains on top of that, it’s kind of a lot. Finding that balance is the heart of the story.”

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