It’s Vibe Vs. Frost And Barry Vs. Savitar – The Flash Episode 3.20

by Staff

There has been an intense build up to the reveal of Savitar, the god of speed’s identity, in this season of The Flash on the CW, particularly since Iris West’s life seems to hinge on getting ahead of that information, and not even journeying into the future seems able to crack that riddle. Together with the Caitlyn Snow’s slide toward allegiance to Savitar, things are looking bleak for team Flash, but increasingly dramatic as the season builds toward final conflict.
But the extended promo for this week’s episode really ratchets up the anticipation, first with Caitlyn “seeing” Savitar’s identity for the first time at the end of episode #19, (though we don’t see him), then with Barry saying, “I know who you are”, in this promo. As if that isn’t enough, we also have Vibe fighting Killer Frost and the outcome is far from certain.
Here’s our extended promo for this week’s episode, airing on Tuesday, May 2nd on the CW at 8PM:

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