Secrets Are Revealed As The ESA Is Attacked In Port Of Earth #6

by James Ferguson

An alien has broken out of the space port and has been making its way through the local area, wreaking havoc as it goes. ESA Agents Rice and McIntyre thought they had taken it out only to find it had escaped. Now the creature is attacking ESA headquarters and the two agents are stuck in the middle of a firefight.

Although Port of Earth #6 is filled with stunning action sequences, the revelations about the port and about Agent Rice are perhaps even more exciting. Thanks to an intriguing interview sequence with ESA Director Tom Rutgers that opens each issue, we’ve been treated to some stunning perspectives on the history of this world and how a space port has changed things, most would say for the worse.
This issue gives us a further glimpse at the corruption at work, most notably how it all seems to be covered up or swept under the rug. It’s hard to read this and not draw comparisons to some of the headlines of today. That’s what makes Port of Earth special. Yes, it’s a comic dealing with space travel and futuristic weapons, but could very well be how the governments and big corporations would react and try to profit from an alien race landing on the planet.

I realize after I typed that that it might sound like all the Trade Federation talk in The Phantom Menace, but that is the farthest thing from the truth. Port of Earth is more like a sci-fi political thriller, moving at a fast pace with action on one side and dropping bombshells of information on the other.
The action sequences on display are awesome with laser beams flying every which way. The building itself is crumbling around the ESA Agents as they struggle to protect visiting delegates while also avoiding enemy fire. It looks like a war zone. Artist Andrea Mutti choreographs this excellently, changing the angles and layout frequently to always give you a new perspective on the battle.

The alien enemy has a unique design, like an unnatural being made of pipe cleaners. It twists and turns in these almost disturbing ways, dodging attacks and lasers with equal intensity. This is most definitely not something of this world.
You can see how each blast has an effect. You might not notice it at first, but they all add up. Every one of them is meaningful. This isn’t just a barrage of lasers like something out of a GI Joe cartoon. It’s all part of a plan and then Mutti ties it all together by the end in a big moment that’s perfect for a heated action sequence like this.

Vladimir Popov’s colors continue to give Port of Earth this gritty feel to it. We’re in the future, but this is not Star Trek. This is still Earth and we’re stuck here in the dirt. This comes through effectively in the battle as Rice and McIntyre are covered in dust and debris. This contrasts well with the bright colors of the energy blasts, surging across the page in vibrant yellows and blues.
Port of Earth has only improved with each issue and this one is no different. It’s a conspiracy-laden thriller packed with sci-fi elements. I can only imagine what other revelations are in store for us as it continues. Writer Zack Kaplan is taking us on a pulse-pounding journey here.
Port of Earth #6 from Image Comics and Top Cow Productions is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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