KartRider: Drift Comes To PlayStation 4, Third Beta Test Starts December 8th

by Sage Ashford

The developers at Nexon have been working on KartRider: Drift for a while now, and during Sony’s State of Play they confirmed that the title will be releasing sometime next year.  Before then though, Nexon has another closed beta happening on December 8th, with sign-up information here.  The beta will include two different modes: Item Mode, and Speed Mode, which are detailed on the Sony blogpost:

“In Item Mode, you can collect items while racing around the track and use these items to your benefit. Each player can hold up to two items at a time and each can be used to attack, defend, or support your allies in team-based races. There are over 15 items in the game so far, each offering a variety of tactics and non-stop action. Never lose focus until the moment you cross the finish line in Item Mode, because anyone can turn the tide of a race with a single move to take the win for themselves.

Alternatively, Speed Mode is for players that enjoy fast-paced, competitive racing. In Speed Mode, you will need to have finesse in drifting and using boosts. Your boost gauge charges up when successfully performing drifts, and when the gauge is fully charged you will get a boost item. Activate this boost to blast off ahead of other karts. But be careful! One mistake during the last few moments of a race can give away your win to someone else.”

KartRider: Drift will launch on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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