The Comicon Advent Calendar: Day 16 – Christmas In Mega-City, Ho Drokking Ho

by Richard Bruton

Ho-Drokking-Ho Earthlets. Time to take a little trip to Mega-City One and the worlds of 2000 AD for the latest instalment of the Comicon Advent Calendar

We’ll start off with the very first 2000 AD Christmas cover… 1977 and Kevin O’Neill

And a few favourites…

Alan Davis – 1985

Kevin O’Neill again – 1984

Carlos Ezquerra from 1980

Mick McMahon – 1982

Colin MacNeill – the 2014 Megazine

Brett Ewins

Greg Staples

Cliff Robinson

John Higgins

Nick Percival

Paul Marshall

Simon Harrison


And finally for this Merry little Christmas post… from 2015 – Judge Dredd: Melt, by Rob Williams and Henry Flint… special guest appearance, the annoying kid from the Snowman…



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